How can you not like this guy? Just a cool cat.

Actor, DJ, and all-around charming human Idris Elba is raffling himself off as one lucky person’s Valentine’s Day date. So to prepare for his romantic night out with a stranger, he wrangled together a group of children to give him some top-notch, unfiltered dating advice. Their adorable tips ranged from dance move suggestions to the…

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Dead dead….

“Dead dead…your battery is dead dead,” she said with confidence. “I teach electronics here at the school…so there is that,” she proceeded to tell me after a brief second attempt to help me start the car to no avail. And I mean brief. She seemed to be in a rush and I hated to hold her any longer.

So stranded we were in the parking lot of a school where my kid had been taking a test all morning. Luckily, it was not for too long as another good seminarian came along and offered to help, giving it another go at jumping the car. We were joined by another helper to give us assistance.

With their help, the car started without any issues in less than five minutes. That was Saturday.

I took the car to have the battery tested today, and guess what? The battery is still good.

Dead, dead it is not. Hopefully, it was just a fluke and not something else.

But the point of the story is: give the dynamite to the science/electronics teacher:

Monday Musings

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us…”

Apt for the times we are living, wouldn’t you say? We are living in opposite spectrums where everyone wants to prove their point of views at any cost. Facts seem not to matter; they are just inconvenient truths. Complicated issues are oversimplified by memes or the rantings of some spokesperson people take as gospel. Respect seems out of fashion when leaders are hell bent on demonizing and insulting opposing viewpoints. Popularity is prized over substance or virtue.

Where do we go when we are living “the best of times….. the worst of times.”

All I can say is that we cannot be divided by our own worst instincts or tendency to hide in the mantle of our own comfort. I leave my ranting with a Budha prayer one of my yoga instructors recently introduced me to:

“May all beings everywhere plagued
with sufferings of body and mind
quickly be freed from their illnesses.
May those frightened cease to be afraid,
and may those bound be free.
May the powerless find power,
and may people think of befriending
one another.”




Dates in the calendar sometimes take you back to days and memories long gone. Typically, the date comes marching each year and sometimes you don’t even notice it –the memories to remain dormant for another year. Other times, however, that faithful date comes with the memories rushing in, taking you back to that special day in your life.

Here I must explain what I mean by special since the word might connote happy times.  This might be the case, but I mean special in the sense that whatever events occurred at that time have marked you ever since, for better or worse.

Such a date has come today for me, January 15. I carry this date etched in my inner being. On that particular winter day, 32 years ago, my sister and I arrived in the United States.  I shed lots tears departing my homeland, leaving friends and other loved ones. Particularly painful was leaving my elder sister who had taken care of us in the last three years. She had become a mother figure if you will.

What gave me a source of happiness was knowing I would be reunited with our mother, who had toiled and sacrificed more than I can ever imagine for her kids to have a better life in another country, one miles and miles away from the small town that saw my sister and I grow.

January 15, 1985 changed our lives forever.

Not long after arriving in the United States – view from the Twin Towers

American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism

I hate to admit this, but Trump has been right all along. The system is rigged.

My congratulations to the KKK, Russia, misogyny, facts not mattering, conspiracy theories over taking reality, fake news distorting view points, billionaires making their own rules, and human decency being overshadowed by insults and bullying. Cheers!

Ronald Regan’s shiny city and beacon of hope is dead. The Republican party has been grabbed by its genitals and transformed into something else, something unrecognizable. The Democratic Party has been dealt a major blow, one that will take some healing and soul searching to heal.

American exceptionalism is in a lifeline. God help us all.

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Stranded in an island of memories. Lost and recent memories all scattered around ready to be dived into. Delicious, addicting memories of youth, lovers, times shared with friends, and such.

The glory of feeling the memories come to live as you were relieving them for the first time with the knowledge of them, and the power to mollify them to fit your desires. All a trap.


Conquering the darkness

I rarely, if ever, find comfort in that invisible, yet ever powerful and alluring cloak of darkness – that oppressive darkness that lures you into despair and a hopeless vortex. I don’t deny its powers but it eludes me most of the time.  Call it luck, resilience from early on in my life, or just my nature dealing with adversity.

Today, however, without any warning or apparent reason, that cloak began to wrap itself around me, tempting me to cuddle into its nest. As hard as it was, I didn’t give in. I was already putting my sneakers to head to the gym when the gloom began to unfold its tentacles. I almost didn’t make it out of the house, but I managed. Once at the gym, that’s when the real fight began.

The first three leg exercises were the hardest. Each set was an internal battle with temptation to leave almost overcoming me, but I pushed through not cutting back on the number of sets or repetitions. Each set, each repetition: a victory. After a while, the darkness faded back into whatever void it had crept under; just like it had never visited me.

Each day is different, but we all got to push through and find our own ways to conquer whatever wants to drag us down at times. Not saying is easy but just know that none of us are alone. Push through and conquer.IMG_20160629_093836